Travel to New Zealand
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Plan your trip to the Rally of New Zealand well... Grab one of the flight deals that are around... Go for it!

Find a cheap flight to Auckland
get ready for the trip of a life-time

Auckland International airport is being serviced by heaps of great airlines. That makes it easier to find a good deal. More supply... Just don't wait too long because before you know it, demand for cheap flights has picked up, and then prices will increase. It's time to book your trip to the Rally of New Zealand.

From Auckland Airport to the City
see all transfer options available

From Auckland International Airport it is easy to get to the city centre of Auckland. Check out these transfer options and start your NZ adventure in a relaxed way. Why stress? You are on holiday!

Taxi service or Uber - You know the drill, this transfer option is the same around the world. Official & approved taxi services are waiting in front of the arrivals terminal. Always go for an official taxu service and don't accept rides that are offered spontaneously. Uber is also active in Auckland. You just have to walk a bit further (off-airport) to be able to order an Uber.

Super Shuttle (shared transfer) - Super Shuttle is a really affordable way to get from the airport to the city. It is a van that you share with up to 6 travellers. There is always one ready when you arrive as Super Shuttle operates as long as flights are arriving at Auckland airport.

Public transport (bus & train) - Taking the bus & train to Auckland's city centre is the cheapest transfer option but it isn't the easiest one. It is always bus + train as there is no one line going to the city.

How to find a cheap flight to Auckland

Flying to New Zealand is for almost every traveller a pretty long trip. Unless you live relatively close by, for example in Australia. For all other WRC Rally fans it is at least 12 and for some even 24 hours to fly from their home country to New Zealand. Therefore every traveller has a different definition of finding a "good flight to New Zealand".

Some are looking for more comfort and as few stopovers as possible, while others just want the cheapest flight to Auckland. We have listed all flight options to New Zealand on this page. You'll find the best flight deals here (the lowest price) but also flights that are quicker and/or more comfortable (limiting the number of stopovers). Check it out.

Oh and we'll have some easy tips for you... Tips that will make it even easier to find low-priced flights to New Zealand.

Flexibility is key

Sometimes it pays to fly to New Zealand a few days earlier than planned. Especially when the busy summer season is getting closer or when a huge international event, like the WRC Rally of New Zealand, is taking place. Also, be flexible on your starting point. Sometimes it is cheaper to start your trip from an airport that is slightly further from your home town.

One-way vs return trip

Tourists entering New Zealand need to have a ticket booked to a destination outside of New Zealand. Immigration New Zealand needs to see proof that you will leave New Zealand when the WRC Rally of New Zealand or your holiday is over.

But that doesn't mean you must book a return ticket. Two single trips - one to New Zealand and one from New Zealand - are exactly the same. It shows that you will leave New Zealand again. And sometimes booking two single trips - often on different airlines - is cheaper than booking a return ticket.

This is especially handy if you plan to go to your next destination instead of going straight home. Keep exploring.

Happy with a deal? Then book! Don't wait too long!

This is the biggest mistake people make when looking for a cheap flight to New Zealand or any other destination. If you have found a great deal that matches your travel plans and is within your budget, then book it! If you don't book that deal someone else will do it. Then when you check it the next day, it is gone and you are stuck with more expensive flight options. You snooze, you lose. Don't make that mistake.

Privacy mode and deleting your browser's cookies? Nonsense!

This myth is still going around. Airlines want you to book so why would they want to scare you away with higher prices when you check flights often? It just doesn't make sense.

And even Google has said it: privacy mode doesn't make you invisible. Websites can still track you and place cookies. It is just that these will be deleted when you close your privacy browser session, but your browsing experience is just the same: they know what you are searching for.

Select a less popular airport

Lost of European airports now suffer from a labour shortage so queues at the airport are longer than before. A lot of travellers try to avoid these airports and even try to rebook. This means that demand for departures from these airports is lower, while supply is more or less the same. That could mean lower prices as airlines still need to fill these planes. That means it is deal time. Select such an airport when looking for cheap flights to New Zealand.

Finding a cheap flight to NZ is easy

It just takes a bit of time. By using the above-mentioned tips and the power of a great flight deal search engine, you will be able to find a flight to New Zealand that matches your travel plans and budget.

Thanks, 123NZ (Dutch travel blog about NZ) for sending us these tips. WRC Rally fans from all over the world appreciate it.


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