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WRC Rally of New Zealand took place in 2022

There are more reasons to travel to New Zealand.

Rally of New Zealand
facts & figures

The WRC Rally is coming to New Zealand again. Rally drivers will battle each other and the elements & scenery of Aotearoa over four exciting days. The fan zone and service park will be located in Auckland while the stages take place in the wider Auckland region. Petrol heads from New Zealand and all over the world will certainly enjoy the New Zealand edition of the World Rally Championship.

Whāia te iti kahurangi, ki te tūohu koe, me he maunga teitei
(Seek the treasure that you value most dearly if you bow your head, let it be to a lofty mountain)



Get ready for action-packed days in New Zealand. Each day will be different; they will all be spectacular!



Based in Auckland, but the stages will take place on (the upper part) of New Zealand's North Island.



So many different types of roads are waiting. New Zealand has it all: gravel, paved, mud & more. Bring it on!

Finding cheap flights to New Zealand
get a list of the best flight deals

The biggest advantage of the Rally of New Zealand is its timing. September is the low season in New Zealand, which means you will be able to find flights to New Zealand at a much lower price than tourists usually pay. Especially the ones travelling to New Zealand in high season.

Booking your accommodation
find the best deal in Auckland or the rest of NZ

Wherever the road takes you in New Zealand... Or in this case, where following the Rally of New Zealand will take you, there's always a nice hotel, motel or hostel nearby. Or a campsite or holiday park if that is what you prefer. We've listed the best deals for finding accommodation in New Zealand. Just don't wait too long as there will be more rally fans checking out these deals!

Getting around in New Zealand
find the best deals on transport options in NZ

New Zealand is by far the best country to travel in. Of course, the scenery is amazing... As you will see when you're visiting us to attend the Rally of New Zealand. But there are also so many options to travel around. Have a look at these options to experience more of New Zealand. Keep in mind, while you are in New Zealand, you might as well see a bit more.


True rally fans travel by campervan. In New Zealand as well. Compact campervans drive like a car (and can be driven on gravel roads), but they come will all cooking & sleeping gear. Perfect!


Another great option to travel around while checking out the stages of the Rally of New Zealand is by car. There are lots of rental companies here so hire cars come in all shapes and sizes. Have a look!

Bus Tour

New Zealand has an excellent network of bus tours. Perfect for solo travellers that want to meet new people... Without having to mingle all the time. A great way to see more of the country after the rally.

What to expect
from the Rally of New Zealand

The Rally of New Zealand will be spectacular. It' not just visiting another WRC Rally. Nah, you'll be part of something bigger. It'll be a unique and maybe even once in a lifetime event.

The fact that in 2022 the WRC Rally is back on the calendar doesn't mean it's back for good.

For now, it's just a one-off event to show the WRC organisation that New Zealand deserves a fixed place on the WRC Rally Schedule.

We have the roads. We have the scenery. And we have the driver that can give the others a run for their money. Let's hope we'll see Hayden Paddon in a WRC Rally car in New Zealand as well this year!

Things to do & see in New Zealand
make the most of your trip to New Zealand

During the rally days, you will have plenty of awesome stuff to do and see.... But there's more. New Zealand has so much more to offer. We do hope you will stay a bit longer to experience everything our little country has to offer. Or arrive a bit earlier to check out the amazing scenery of Maori culture before the rally action starts.

Counting Down to the Rally of New Zealand

Whenever the next one will be held in NZ... 2023 maybe?

Keeping our fingers crossed!

The World Rally Championship is coming to Auckland

It has been a while as the last time the WRC Rally was here was in 2012. Kiwi petrol heads and overseas fans are looking forward to seeing the action of the WRC Rally New Zealand again. Not long now before the rally cars will reach our shores. Who is ready for this amazing event?

The Rally is being organised by the World Rally Championship (WRC). The WRC Rally is set for four exciting days at a great place to test drivers' skills in one of New Zealand’s most popular motorsport events. Well, it will quickly become the most popular motorsport event in New Zealand once everyone sees how amazing the 2022 event will be.

WRC Rally with a unique & amazing backdrop: the Kiwi scenery will amaze you

The WRC Rally will be held on the roads of New Zealand. The rally will be road based with a few sections on the gravel tracks and some in the grassy areas. The stages will feature a mixture of different types of terrain, from plains to forests, from mountains to rivers.

One thing which makes this rally so popular is its spectacular scenery, which includes volcanoes, mountains, lakes & rivers – all of which are featured throughout the 140 km event calendar over four days.

World Rally Championship Auckland

Auckland will be the base for this amazing event. The service park & fan village will be located around Viaduct Harbour, while the various stages take place in the greater Auckland region.

Auckland is not just the base, but it is also the location where the rally starts. There will be a lot of action taking place in and around Auckland that weekend.

The Rally Championship is still in its early stages for most Kiwis but it has a lot more to offer. This will be the first chance for the Kiwi fans to watch the action of the WRC Rally New Zealand in a long time.

It is a great opportunity to get involved in the event and see what is happening. There are plenty of WRC stages taking place around the City of Sails, so why not try to catch a few?

The Rally New Zealand 2022 will hopefully be the start of the WRC Rally of New Zealand becoming a regular event on the WRC schedule again.

Will you experience the WRC Rally in New Zealand?

There are so many reasons to visit New Zealand. Our little country is more than a movie set in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. It's probably the best country for a road trip, an amazing country for outdoor fans, a great country for beach lovers, hikers and even city-slickers, and now it's the best country to go to for petrol-heads.
We've always had local rally events, but now, we're super-stoked to have the Rally of New Zealand back in our backyard. Another great reason to plan your trip to the other side of the world.

New Zealand will surprise you. Not just the amazing stages of the rally but also the scenery and things to do in other parts of the country. The Rally of New Zealand will be a great start. Make sure to explore the rest as well.

We're looking forward to welcoming you to New Zealand aka Aotearoa aka The Land Of The Long White Cloud!

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