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Rally NZ is created by fans for fans. The creative geek behind this rally of New Zealand fan site is Martijn or Marty if that is easier to pronounce. Hi, that is me: a true DigiGeek with a Dutch heart and Kiwi blood and the creator of Digi.Geek.NZ, a blog about Digital Marketing & eCommerce. My passion for travelling and experiencing amazing events like festivals or a WRC Rally also shows on my travel blog Travel.Geek.NZ.

This resulted in the creation the WRC Rally of New Zealand fan site, a project to make it easier for rally fans from all over the world to plan their trip to New Zealand and to do and see more than just the rally.

My trusted sidekick, proofreader and mega rally fan Esther runs the well-known Woolster online shop that sells her handcrafted crochet products. And like everyone else I’m still wondering when the first Hyundai or Mitsubishi rally car will be crocheted by her.

Have a great time in New Zealand, rally fans. And if there are any questions or specific rally or New Zealand info is needed, let me know.

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View of back of the rally car as it has past the viewer, muddy road, ocean in the background.
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