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Make the most of your trip to New Zealand. Explore Aotearoa when the Rally of New Zealand is over.

Counting Down to the Rally of New Zealand
it's time to book your transport

Having your own car or campervan will make it so much easier to get to the stages of the WRC Rally of New Zealand. And it'll give you the freedom to explore New Zealand when the rally is done & dusted. New Zealand has so much to offer. Explore the rest of the North Island or see it all and experience the South Island as well. Don't miss out on the beauty of Aotearoa. 


Get yourself some wheels: rent a car in Auckland
it is the easiest way to get to each of the rally stages

The easiest and quickest way to get to the stages is by car. The Auckland region is pretty big so having your own hire car is the best option.

A campervan road trip is the best way to get close to amazing scenery and spend the night there. New Zealand has lots of free and budget campsites for various types of campervans.

Whether you select a big motorhome or a compact campervan you will be able to spend the night at or close to breathtaking scenic sights.

What is the best way to explore New Zealand?

When it comes to exploring New Zealand there are various options to choose from. Each one has its advantages and maybe some disadvantages. We'll show you all details so it'll be easier for you to compare all the transport options and to find the best one for your trip to New Zealand.

Rent a car and see more of New Zealand

Having your own car is the easiest way to get to the stages of the WRC Rally of New Zealand. Plus it makes life easier when you want to explore New Zealand when the dust settles and the winner of the rally has been announced. And who wouldn't want to explore a country like New Zealand? NZ is probably one of the most amazing & scenic countries in the world!

Make sure to select accommodation in Auckland that offers parking as it can get expensive to park your hire car in the city. Also, keep in mind that Auckland traffic can get quite busy at certain times of the day so leave on time when going to the next stage of the WRC Rall of New Zealand.

Hire a campervan and sleep at amazing places

Renting a campervan means that you will have even more flexibility when it comes to driving to the stages of the rally. Now you can find a campsite or holiday park close to the stages so you will be there on time. And you'll always have the equipment to heat up some soup or make coffee before or after you head to the next stage of the rally.

There are heaps of places in New Zealand where you can camp and sleep, as long as you are staying at an official campsite. You can't just park & sleep anywhere.

Choose from commercial campsites or holiday parks or go for one of teh many campsites run by regional council or the Department of Conservation (DOC). Especially the later are great places to stay, cheap and close to the amazing scenery of NZ. DOC campsites are often $0 or $8 per night for basic sites with only a few facilities (often toilet and a water tap) to $15 to $25 for sites with lots more facilities.

Go for the relaxed option and book a bus tour

If you want to see more of New Zealand but you don't want to do the driving yourself then there are various bus tours to choose from. These bus tours often come with accommodation included so you get a lot for a price that is consistent throughout the year. This can be a cheap option during the busy summer season when prices for rental cars and campervan hire skyrocket due to increased demand. See for more info about bus tours in New Zealand.

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