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See the rest of the country as well, not just the amazing scenery but also the activities for adrenaline junkies and more. New Zealand has so much to offer for petrol heads.

Counting Down to the Rally of New Zealand
plan the rest of your trip now and see more of NZ

The WRC Rally of New Zealand is amazing and the reason why you wanted to travel to New Zealand. Makes perfect sense. But make sure to add extra days (or weeks) to your trip so you can see more of New Zealand. Here's an overview of popular tourist sights and a unique list of tips for things to do & see for petrol heads.


Must-see & must-do in New Zealand
there's so much to do & see

New Zealand is heaven for fans of outdoor activities but also for adrenaline junkies. It sure is the perfect country for an amazing road trip. It doesn't matter what kind of traveller you are, there is something to do & see for everyone. Here are some of the popular attractions in the North Island. Check it out.

Coromandel Peninsula

Just a short ride from Auckland (1.5 hours) you will find the Coromandel Peninsula. A great place for a quiet weekend getaway or an action-packed trip.

Tongariro Crossing

The most popular hike in New Zealand. Travel to real Middle Earth and experience amazing scenery.

East Cape road trip

Be the first to see the light. The East Cape is the most-eastern part of New Zealand. See the art-deco city of Napier or go to beach-town & surf heaven Gisborne. But there is more to see when you go for the full East Cape coastal route. Many travellers don't have the time to do this amazing road trip but the ones that do it are glad they went for it.

Wellington: craft beer capital of New Zealand

The capital of New Zealand - Wellington- has more to offer than regular city stuff. Wellington is also the craft beer capital of New Zealand. You will find an amazing range of craft beer breweries and taprooms here.

Visit craft beer breweries like Garage Project, Panhead, Kereru and more on your own or go off the beaten craft beer path. Go for a guided craft beer tour by the most passionate craft beer tour guide there is. You will go behind the scenes of some of the best NZ craft beer breweries on these tours.

NZ must-do for petrol heads
the best & most exciting activities

Want to do more than just a road trip and enjoying the amazing scenery of New Zealand? No worries. New Zealand is also the most amazing playground for adrenaline junkies.

There are so many things in New Zealand you can climb on, jump off of, hop on board and go full speed over the road, river or whatever. If you like to go to the max and to enjoy an adrenaline boost, then New Zealand will be heaven for you. Check it out!

See & do more in New Zealand

Make the most of your trip to New Zealand and explore the rest of New Zealand as well. For a full NZ experience, do take time to explore both the North and South Island.

It is impossible to say which one is better, more beautiful or more fun... Both the North and South Island are completely different and cannot be compared. Each is amazing in its own right.

What to expect from the North Island

In the North Island, it all revolves around beaches and forests. And of course, (dormant) volcanoes for example Mt Taranaki,  Mount Tongariro, Mt Eden and more.

Highlights on the North Island are:

  • Auckland: City of Sails and home to the WRC Rally of New Zealand
  • Wellington: craft beer capital of New Zealand
  • Tongariro Crossing: the famous one-day hike through Tongariro National Park, a World Heritage site
  • Napier: city pf art-deco
  • Gisborne: one of the best places in New Zealand for surfing.
  • Martinborough: area that is packed with vineyards

See what makes the South Island so amazing

Your trip to the South island will revolve around lakes & mountains. When visiting the South Island in winter you will have a hard time choosing ski fields as there are quite a few to choose from.

In all other seasons, the South Island will be your sunny backdrop of amazing hikes and fun road trips. Here are some of the highlights you don't want to miss on the South Island.

  • Christchurch: a great place to start your road trip if you are flying into the South Island. You'll find lots of rental car companies here so there is always a great rental car deal to be found.
  • Marlborough: see how the famous Sauvignon Blanc wine is made and taste 'em fresh. You'll find heaps of amazing wineries here.
  • Abel Tasman Park: simply amazing and so much fun, either as a quick day trip or a multi-day stay.
  • Fox & Franz Josef Glaciers: it's in the name, experience the glaciers of New Zealand.
  • Queenstown: this is the adrenaline capital of New Zealand. So many amazing activities for thrill-seekers can be found here.
  • The Catlins: make sure to check out this remote part of the South Island. Many travellers skip this part of the South Island as it is too far away from the standard South Island circuit route. You won't regret it if you do visit this area. Simply amazing.



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