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    Lets take a minute to talk about Safety

    Safety at the WRC Rally of New Zealand: lighting system explained!

    Let's take a minute to talk about Safety. This year's WRC Cars are now Hybrid (petrol & electric). This is something very new to the sport & a very exciting change to the way the rally is done, however, there is some inherent risk to touching these vehicles. Each of the WRC Cars has a lighting system that indicates when it is safe to touch it, or when it is not. It's a simple system that we can all follow.

    • Green Light = Safe to Approach,
    • RED light or NO light on display = Keep AWAY

    Look for the green light

    Spectator Safety on Course

    To Identify one of these cars you simply need to look for the Door Sticker with the letters HY, this will let you know this car is one of the New Hybrid vehicles, and to use extra caution when you approach it.

    This is particularly important in the event of a rollover, touching a car that has crashed could have serious consequences, ONLY touch if the GREEN lights are showing. If a car has crashed and you hear an alarm sound you MUST check the lights before you approach. The high voltage could cause electrocution, or have other serious impacts on your life.

    • Green Light = Safe to Approach
    • RED light or NO light on display = Keep AWAY

    Jack’s Ridge, The Wolf Power Stage. The spectator showcase of the event!

    Sunday October 2nd, is the most bespoke stage ever built right here in Auckland. A phenomenal viewing experience for all rally fans. Last year's Repco Battle of Jacks Ridge sold out completely, this year with the return of the WRC this will sell out once again!

    Jack’s Ridge Haunui stage, built by owner Andrew Hawkeswood on his property in Whitford, will complete the rally as the Wolf Power Stage. The Jack’s Ridge Haunui venue will provide unique stadium-like viewing for fans who can watch the cars battle for valuable world championship points and where the champion of Repco Rally New Zealand will be crowned.

    You don’t want to miss this one. Get your tickets now!

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